Points of the compass

The wind, the region,

The origin, the arrival

The rudder, the sound, the music

the confidence to succeed

the direction you come from

or where you are going

The wind pushes, sometimes unpredictable

Be inpired by the theme: points of compass.

Submission deadline (October 1, 2019) has expired

In 2020, under the responsibility of the Foundation for Textile Information and Documentation Centre (STIDOC), the 6th edition of the Textile Festival will be organised in cooperation with Kantfabriek, Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst Nederland (LOKK), Merkwaardig Vereniging Liefhebbers Merklappen, Quiltersgilde, Vrouwen van Nu network textile, ViltKontaktGroep and Weefnetwerk (WNW).

The submissions to the juried competition will be displayed at the Textile Festival 2021 from May 12 until May 15, 2021 in the Pieterskerk in Leiden.


Competition Rules International textile competition 2021

    • Every participant may submit one piece of work that has not been exhibited before

    • The theme is Points of the compass

    • All textile techniques are permitted, choice of material is free

    • Maximum format is:  two-dimensional 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 inches) or 200 cm (80 inches) circumference including finishing, and maximum 10 cm (4 inches) relief. three-dimensional 35 x 35 x 35 cm (14 x 14 x 14 inches) including finishing

    • Only original work of your own design may be submitted

    • 1 digital photo of the complete piece of work, stating the title of the work 

    • 1 digital photo of a detail of the work, stating the title of the work

    • Registrations must be received by October 1, 2019 (post-marked)

    • The portfolios remain property of the organizers
    • Selected pieces of work may be photographed by the organization

    • Photos may be used for publication purposes

    • The submittor safeguards the organisation from copyright claims by third parties

    • Participations in the competition means that you agree with the terms and conditions 


  • The first judging round, november 2019, is based on the photos

  • The second judging round, february 2020, is based on the work itself 

  • The expert jury is arranged by STIDOC

  • The jury’s decision is binding

  • The submitted work will be stored and used for publicity purposes


The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st prize € 250,00

  • 2nd prize € 150,00

  • 3rd prize € 100,00

  • Public Choice Award


The selected work will be made available for the exposition at the Textile Festival 2020 in Leiden.The organisers will determine the arrangement of the exposition of selected works.


Transportation of the work to and from is on account and risk of the participants. Costums formalities are on account of the participant.


During the exposition, the work will be insured to a maximum of € 3.000 for common risks of damage and theft with a deductable of € 200.

Information and contact


The jury that will judge the entries for the contest ‘Points of the compass’ (‘Windstreken’) of the Textile Festival 2021 consists of:

Nicole Roepers

Art historian and curator of contemporary art at ‘Museum De Lakenhal’ 

(photo Rob Overmeer)

Marjoke Staal

Visual artist and teacher (among other) at the Quilting Special course of the Dutch ‘Quiltersgilde’


Wilma Korenromp

Textile designer / material researcher, teacher and board member of ‘Stichting Vrienden van het TextielMuseum’